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A client approached us with a mission: to amplify their message about teen suicide prevention and mental health awareness. Their goal was not just to grow their digital presence but to make a tangible impact by spreading awareness and educating parents on preventive measures.

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Despite the importance of their message, the client faced significant challenges in reaching a broader audience. Their content struggled to engage users meaningfully, making it difficult to spread awareness on a topic as crucial as teen suicide and mental health.


Our approach was to utilize Instagram REELs, leveraging their potential to capture attention and engage users more deeply than traditional posts. The process involved:

– Content Planning: Focusing on creating impactful and informative REELs that convey the seriousness of the message while offering constructive advice.

– Editing for Impact: Crafting each REEL with precision editing, ensuring the content was not only visually appealing but also delivered the message in a powerful and accessible manner.

– Engagement Strategy: Implementing a strategy to encourage interaction, including calls to action that prompted viewers to share the content, thus increasing its reach.


The comprehensive solution comprised Marketing Strategy, Content Creation, Social Media Management, SEO, and FB Ads. This integrated approach was designed to address the visibility challenge head-on while positioning CARVAAN as a leading carpooling service in the market.


The implementation of the REELs strategy and focused social media management led to remarkable outcomes:

– Increased Engagement: The client’s Instagram presence saw a significant uptick in user interaction, with viewers not only watching the REELs but engaging with them through likes, comments, and shares.

– Wider Reach: By tapping into the viral nature of REELs, the message reached new audiences, spreading awareness far beyond the initial follower base.

– Positive Feedback: The campaign received an overwhelmingly positive response, with users expressing appreciation for the informative and impactful content.

This case study underscores the power of tailored social media content and strategic management in spreading critical messages. Through the innovative use of Instagram REELs, we were able to significantly amplify the client’s campaign on teen suicide prevention and mental health awareness, making a real difference in the digital sphere.


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